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Program - February 2010

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

9:00 welcome (coffee)


  • Introduction and synthesis of the work according to each partner, work-plan
  • In quest of the holy concepts: "find all the concepts, etc." (Olivier Gandrillon, CGMC)
  • Combining heterogeneous sources and solvers (Pierre-Nicolas Mougel, LIRIS)

12:30: lunch


  • Searching Transcription Factor Binding Site in promoter regions by learning edit distance (Laurent Boyer, LaHC)
  • Combining multi-level textual descriptors (Gael Lejeune, GREYC)
  • Recursive sequential pattern mining for Biological Natural Language Processing: application for the extraction of relations between named entities (Peggy Cellier and Thierry Charnois, GREYC)
  • coordinators: Delivrable 16 (Contextual Logical Sequence, research report, leader: LaHC), Delivrable 4 (Learning edit distances on sequences, software, leader: LaHC), Delivrable 8 (Learning IE rules, software, leader: GREYC), Delivrable 19 (Discovery of biases, research report, leader: LaHC).

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UFR Sciences - Université de Caen
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