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Program - Monday, December 5th, 2011

8:45 welcome (coffee) - Room S3-347

9:15 - Room S3-305

  • each partner: Bingo2 report and perspectives
  • CoHoP Miner: Finding homogeneous k-Clique Percolated Components (Olivier Gandrillon, CGMC and Pierre-Nicolas Mougel and Christophe Rigotti, LIRIS)

12:30: lunch


  • preparing final report, Grand Colloque STIC talk and poster
  • Spatial and temporal patterns (Fabien Diot, LaHC)
  • Chemogenomics: interactions betweeen Jak2 protein and ligands (Thomas Fannes, GREYC and  Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, and Julien Rabatel, GREYC)

To do:

  1. Delivrable 2 "Inductive Database for transcriptomic analysis and contextual web usage mining" (software, WP1, CGMC) - ok
  2. Delivrable 10 "High level descriptors based on linguistic markers" (experimental results, Task 2.2, GREYC) - ok
  3. Delivrable 11 "Global constraints and CSP for constraint-based mining" (research report, Task 2.3, GREYC)
  4. Delivrable 15 "Techniques for using KN in GI algorithms" (experimental results, Task 3.1, LaHC) - ok
  5. Delivrable 20 "Discovery of biases -> frequent plane graph mining" (software and experiments, Task 3.2, LaHC) - ok
  6. Delivrable 22 "0/1 cube mining (research report and prototype, Task 3.3 - LIRIS) - ok
  7. Delivrable 25 "Combining solvers and data sources (research report, Task 3.4 - LIRIS) - ok
  8. Delivrable 27 "Bingo2 perspectives (research report, WP4, LIRIS)

Room S3-305 (welcome coffee: S3-347)
UFR Sciences - Université de Caen
Boulevard du Maréchal Juin
14000 Caen
Tramway: line A, direction Campus 2, get off at the last stop
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